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Interior Design


Professional home staging is one of the best strategies to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. As professional interior designers and space planners, DesignInc Staging will highlight your home's features. With the guesswork removed for potential home buyers, they will see how to use each space. The right home staging allows buyers to envision themselves in the space and create an emotional attachment with our touch. This allows buyers to see the house as their home. It is proven, most people buy a house for the homey feel they get once in the space. We’ve got your best interest in mind, and we want to stage your home to be both aesthetically appealing while highlighting its best features. With over 20 years of experience, we would love the opportunity to stage your home. 

House not selling? Before you drop that price, consider staging your home!

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Full Service Staging

Transform your house into a home with full-service staging, including all new furniture that coordinates with the style of your home. Updated furnishings allow potential buyers to see the full value of your home, which will get multiple top-dollar offers! We furnish main living spaces and the primary suite. Furniture, accessories, space planning and even lighting are included. 

Interior Design

Soft staging is accessorizing a space to add charm and character. Items such as artwork, decorative pillows, and decorative pieces can help your home stand out from the competition. Common spaces that can benefit from soft staging are kitchens and bathrooms. These simple touches will make your space feel like home and set it apart from any others.

Interior Decor

Soft Staging

Virtual Staging

We use photos of your home and create a furniture floor plan for all your marketing needs. Computer-generated plans are a great way to show potential buyers where to place furniture in a room. These plans can be easily uploaded to MLS listings.

Architecture Model Sketching

Vacant Staging

Since most people cannot picture living in an empty home, DesignInc Staging will take the guesswork out. We help buyers imagine themselves living in the home. Staging a vacant home can help you get top dollar for your home. "How," you ask? Well first by allowing buyers to see how every space can be optimized and also by highlighting all the best architectural features your home has to offer. We will create an unforgettable model home. ​


DesignInc Staging caters to realtors, real estate investors, builders, and homeowners. It is important to work with an experienced professional and honest company that makes selling your home a smooth and enjoyable process. ​

Occupied Staging

Over time we collect things in our homes, and these personal items can distract potential buyers from seeing the value and beauty in the home. We will help you eliminate what buyers consider clutter so they can experience living in your home. DesignInc Staging will help you delegate your things, eliminating the clutter in the eyes of the buyer so they can experience living in your home. ​DesignInc Staging will take your lived-in home and make it a show property again.

We work with your furniture and bring in our accessories to make your home a memorable model home buyers will love. ​

DesignInc Staging wants your home to make the best impression on buyers from the minute they walk through the door. With our experience, we will show you the tips and tricks to prepare your home for a profitable and timely sale.


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