Cabinet PAINT Transformations

When should you paint vs replace your kitchen cabinets? If the cabinets are falling apart or door style is not your jam anymore, then it may be time to replace them; but if they are in good shape and you like them.... try paint! Paint can make you fall back in love with your kitchen! Considering it's a job you could tackle yourself, it may be worth the sweat equity. Replacing door fronts can also be an option, but sometimes it's so expensive you might as well get new cabinets. When painting cabinets its best to use a spray technique rather than brush, and its always best to test the color as you would with wall color in the space.

Thats my little photobombing :) These upper cabinets were the same color as the lowers but I chose to paint them white when I decided to tile the backsplash and wall.

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