You don't have to live in a white box when you're renting! Some landlords allow you to paint, but then you have to paint it back when you move out. That can be annoying. There are so many cool removable options available these days! Peel and Stick wall paper being the number one thing I see at every retailer, as well as wall decals and lettering. Some of them can be quite pricey so an alternative would be using colored tape! You can create your own "wallpaper" using varying widths of tape for any geometric pattern. Best part is, it comes off without damaging the walls. Other cool things I've seen are textured papers, peel and stick faux brick and wood slats, as well as tiles! Adding a peel and stick tile can have a huge impact as a kitchen backsplash, or adding a graphic paper to an entryway will set the tone of a room without having to do every wall. Command strips are every renters staple, create gallery walls for an eclectic European vibe without any holes. In smaller kitchen spaces with limited storage, you can use your bake ware and dishes and utensils as décor too Simply adding a "display shelf" can solve two problems at once! For living room storage and décor, we have see the use of a ladder to display blankets that may not fit in a closet. This ladder idea also works in the bathroom for towels!

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