"I like industrial but my wife likes farmhouse, we can't agree on anything." I hear this all the time..its very common to have people with different design styles trying to cohabitate in a beautiful space. But where do you start? The first thing NOT to do is get overwhelmed with Pinterest and online shopping. For me the first step is always deciding what things you want to keep in the space and what things can go. Then see what pieces you need or want and of course, set a budget. NOW you can start shopping! Some great ways to incorporate industrial touches are using black hardware or light fixtures, using simple clean line furniture, and adding texture like brick accent wall. Brick goes very well with farmhouse vibes life shiplap and hard wood floors. If you're trying to blend old world victorian charm with modern style...consider keeping all the fancy moldings and trim but painting it a dark moody color and/or adding modern brass light fixtures and modern rugs and low profile furniture. It's all about finding a balance in all the things you both love.

photo credit:https://www.houseandgarden.co.uk/article/interiors-specialist-modern-victorian-house-interior

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