When to reface your cabinet verses replacing everything? I think the first consideration is the condition of the cabinets. If you they are too damaged and not salvageable, then it just might be time to start from scratch. Next consideration is budget. Ripping out a kitchen can get very expensive so definitely create a budget and see if your budget lines up with buying new. If its a bathroom vanity you are considering, there are several affordable option now available so replacing may just be the better option. Another consideration, is your skill level and patience lol! Sometimes things just look to easy on these you tube videos, until you realize how many very expensive tools were used to make that $50 cabinet! So keep that in mind when you are trying to decide how to make you vision come to life! Refacing cabinets can be a cost effective solution when compared to new cabinets. However, sometimes a nice coat of paint or adding a simple molding or changing hardware would be just as impactful and even more budget friendly. Depending on your vision, a simple backsplash update can change the entire vibe on your space! Remember I'm here if you ever want to brainstorm ideas together!

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