Lately I've been seeing a trend in painting the door trim and baseboards a darker color than the wall. Almost like an outline. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. It reminds me of older homes that have dark wood trim with white walls, which always bothered me because it felts so heavy. It was like accenting the wrong parts of a room. I believe its all personal preference of course, but I must say its not the classic, timeless look I usually aim for. There are so many better ways to accent a room with paint, for example painting the door inside the room. This is a better use of accenting a room since your eye is now looking up and not where the wall meets the floor. Also painting the window frames a darker color is a great way to accent a room. Another great look is painting everything the same color; the walls, doors, ceiling and trim. This actually makes the room appear bigger and creates a very sophisticated look.

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