So what trends can we see leaving in 2023? Believe it or not, all white kitchens are phasing out. Designers are opting for colored painted cabinets or even introducing wood cabinets to add warmth and interest. Another trend on its way out is open concept living. I know everyone has heard this term a million times. People are actually putting up walls to get some separation. Maybe it was the pandemic that sparked this trend! The third trend losing steam is open shelving in the kitchen. Ultimately its not very practical. I myself have open shelving in my kitchen and I am tired of having to rinse everything before I can use it. Last but not least...Shiplap is fading. The Gaines family made this very popular and we see it everywhere now. An accent wall is still ok but an entire room may not add value like it use too. Hope these helped you on your home decorating journey! Photos show an all white kitchen and the second photo shows a three color kitchen cabinet combo that incorporates the white too!

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